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Holistic healing to help support women's health




Hi! I'm Holly. 

As an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, I help women find regularity in their menstrual cycle + fertility journey and alleviate menopause symptoms, feel better and get them back to their lives they want to live. 

What Do You Need?

I offer a natural approach and holistic treatment for...

Menstruation Irregularities

Experiencing irregular, painful, heavy, prolonged or absent periods

Struggling with PMS symptoms: mood swings, anxiety, poor concentration, change in libido, headache, fatigue, bloating

Concerned about acne, PCOS, Endometriosis, or Uterine Fibroids

Aren't willing to go on the birth control pill or are just coming off


Experiencing struggle with inability to get pregnant

Too short, irregular or absent periods 

Disfunctions like PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids

Unexplained infertility

Tried or currently undergoing IUI and IVF, but nothing has been successful

Labor Induction

Postpartum care - depression, insomnia, fatigue


Overwhelmed with symptoms of: hot flashes, brain fog, trouble sleeping, stubborn metabolism, mood changes, 

Don't want to go the hormone therapy route 

Tried different pharmaceuticals for sleep and hot flashes, but getting no where 

Your consultation

is all about helping you find your personal path to optimal health.

Every women's life might feel and look a little different and that's ok, not everyone was created the same and their treatment journey will look just that, unique!

My approach uses my Western Physiology knowledge to bridge the gap with my Eastern Medicine training, to personally treat every patient in a naturing way with natural methods to get results. 

If you're dealing with painful, irregular periods, struggling with infertility, or frustrated with hot flashes, insomnia, brain fog, stubborn metabolism or any other menopausal symptoms I look forward to seeing you.

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Welcome Patients

Now accepting new patients at Summit Chiropractic + Health

Direct billing to most major insurance companies 

Chinese Medicine 

The magic behind holistic healing. A multifaceted discipline and the theory behind my philosophy 

The art of acupuncture...

Acupuncture is one of those things that people love, never heard of or are skeptical to try and don’t even think it works. How do you see it...

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